DJ's is committed to doing good work and in an organized and tidy way. They finish well!

Julie Poulter

The painter did everything I would expect plus more. He was outstanding. Service and quality of work was great!

Mr. and Mrs. Derr

The painter kept my dog with him for 4 hours when I had to be gone. The painter continued his excellent painting and watched over my dog simultaneously. Great help to me! I'm totally impressed and always have been! I look forward to many more projects together.

Donna Redding

They did just as I've always loved in dealing with them. Great service, kind, nice and joyful to use. Highly recommend!

Jill Kearfott

The painter did a fantastic job! Very positive first time experience. Would definitely work with you again!

Dan Bruninga

Overall good service! Very happy with the results.

Mr. and Mrs. Crumrine

The designer really took my thoughts and brought them to light. Really, really impressed with the work that was done. I also appreciated that if the amount quoted was more, that was reflected with a decreased fine.

Krista Kolls

I needed some work completed quickly for my recently disabled husband, the owner committed to getting it done for me! Will call you again when I need another project! Thank you!

Jeanne Childers

The painter was very polite and did a great job! Love working with your team and have taken care of my home for many years! Thank you.

Sandy Peyton