Affiliations & Certifications

D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling Inc. is proud to be affiliated and certified by the organizations below. We recognize, support, and value the importance of other businesses and groups throughout Central Illinois.

Great job ? always committed to getting a project right.

Bill and Julie Dunbar

Excellent service! Both tile installers did an excellent job.

Delmar and Cathy Smith

Very pleased with everyone. I'm impressed with all aspects of your business! Customer service and quality of work is excellent. Outstanding!

Jim and Nancy McCriskin

I am very satisfied that we received the high quality work that we excepted.

Kurt Timmerman

The staff took meticulous care of our project and did superior detail work.

Ken Gerstein


Ben and Amy Peters

A good company.

Larry and Carroll Bross

Thank you so much for responding to our call for help on a Sunday.  We are so thankful to be able to call on you in our time of need and know we will be taken care of every step of the way.  You made what could have been a very stressful situation, into a bump.  We're thrilled you were here to take care of it for us.  We will speak praises of your business to all we know!

Scott and Becky Schmidtgall

Their painter is exceptional in detail. Very positive.

Dave and Linda Adam

Great work and great customer service.

Jeff Wagman & Dawn McBride

Very professional and well done.

Dick and Janice Hoerber

Easily the most professional and competent contractors service I have ever dealt with.  Wish I would have hired you sooner.

Craig Lopatka

Very pleased.

James Dunn

The designer was great! Painter was excellent, he did a great job in a time manner! I was very happy with everything that was done. A beautiful job in all rooms. A wonderful company- great employees and people that are perfect for each job. Clean up was perfect!

Robert & Judy Cole

The painter was always polite and answered questions that he could. A fine finished product.

Carolyn Newberg


Bloomington Eye Institute


James and Nancy Mikel

Thanks for amazing service on short notice.  Very happy with experience.

Gwen Royalty

Excellent. The employee we worked with was so excellent that we will request him on future jobs!

Lynn and Jan Barker

We love the results. THANK YOU for the amazing experience.

Chris Kaufman and Mark Austill