Affiliations & Certifications

D.J.’s Painting and Remodeling Inc. is proud to be affiliated and certified by the organizations below. We recognize, support, and value the importance of other businesses and groups throughout Central Illinois.

We were very pleased with the work that was done.

Michael and Diana Coons

Our project manager rocks!  The painters were pleasant and good at their job.  Top notch.

Paulette Crego

All of the workers were very professional and friendly.

Larry McCray

Very professional and hands on!  Great communication regarding progress and any expected changes.  Great and then some!

Doug and Sandy Haas

Outstanding quality of work, professional respectful employees, knowledgeable, efficient.

Lynn Parker

Always do a good job for us. Great group.

Cheryl Abernathy

The painters who were on site were professional, polite and took a lot of pride in their work. They were good ambassadors for your business.

Krista Wolf and Gary Nardi

We appreciate the calls to let us know when we can expect the salesperson to arrive! Outstanding quality of products/services.

Thomas Grogg and Kathy McIntyre

Excellent. The employee we worked with was so excellent that we will request him on future jobs!

Lynn and Jan Barker

I love the maintenance service. Overall, very good. Polite, professional, a keeper!

Paulette Crego

"All work was excellent. Thank you!"

Tim Garvey

Very professional and well done.

Dick and Janice Hoerber

The painter did an excellent job for us. We were very pleased!

Will and Holly Dassow

Very satisfied with everyone at D.J.'s Painting.

Alice Lambert

The young man painting did a great job and had to reach areas that weren't very accessible.  We are very happy with the work you did ? outside and previously inside.  We'll call you when our next project comes up!

Jeff and Janet Solberg

We appreciate the quality of service.

Paul and Beverly Essington

Driveway job exceeded my expectations.  Love you guys! Thank you again for a great job ? so happy!

Leslie Fryman

Excellent business that we will continue to rely on.

Scott Grotbo and Becky Stachnik

Our project manager is always very helpful.  Your painter was also very good.

Jim and Nancy Mikel

Excellent business that seems to help in every area.

Paul and Mary Crego