Project Management

Managing your business’s building and property needs can be a heavy burden. We offer full building and construction management, so you have more time to invest in your business operations. We can manage everything from minor repairs—like exterior upkeep—to major construction—like an addition to your business. 


Our team explores your business’s unique needs and goals to design a contract just for you. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional building maintenance, craftsmanship, and care of client properties. Save time, money, and worries—put our team’s expertise to work for your business today!



Excellent service!  Quality work! Very professional!

John Zeunick

Quick, friendly.

Lisa Droessler

We liked everyone.  This was the best contractor experience I have ever had.  I am now a huge fan of the owner and his crew!

Cynthia Cass


Charles and Helen Lamlein

Excellent.  Met all expectations.

Lynn Dasso

Excellent job. We are thrilled with the job.

Thomas and Mary Lykins

I'm so impressed with the staff, the work and everything. I feel much more educated and I'm glad I didn't settle for my initial plan to paint the existing deck.

Elaine Peterson

Their painter is exceptional in detail. Very positive.

Dave and Linda Adam

I'm happy with the service! I'm amazed how careful all the workmen were when working in such undesirable circumstances ? extremely cold weather and lots of snow.  In my opinion, they do an excellent job.  The workmen were all friendly, skilled and meticulous with what they were doing.

Jean Grever

Very good, appreciate the professional approach.

Jill Hutchison

Quality work; company expects and sets high expectations for staff and field team.

Lisa Elsenpeter

Our experience was as good as you can get as a home owner.

Phil and Ronda Queen

Painting, as always, was excellent.  While D.J.'s isn't the least expensive in the area, I return because of the quality of work and people ? essentially the project manager whom I find professional yet very approachable and people-oriented.

Paulette Crego

Met our expectations. Always enjoyed doing business with their staff.

Herb and Jennifer Demosthenes

Very good!

Kriag and Patricia Holub

I am pleased with the service provided. I know that the quality of work was worth every penny.

Tom and Rhonda Brander

I was very pleased with the work done and thankful that the cost was a little less than estimated.  I loved it!

Judy Felth

Outstanding-customer focused.

Thomas Grogg

Our painter did a very good job ? careful, clean, protected other areas ? good painter.  5 stars.

Jeannie and Bruce Breitweiser

Great work completed with a reasonable cost.

Stephanie Walling