Exterior Finishes

We are happy!

Pete Yelinek

A superb organization.

Robert and Gail Corbett

Very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable in their field.

Pam and Dennis Mills


Pam Smith

The paint job was neater and the clean up every day was beyond our expectations.

Don and Carol Schmidt

The designer really took my thoughts and brought them to light. Really, really impressed with the work that was done. I also appreciated that if the amount quoted was more, that was reflected with a decreased fine.

Krista Kolls

Very professional.  The best customer service and fabulous work (and I am picky).

Thomas and Mary Lykins

"The painter did a fantastic job. We love DJs Painting! Extremely helpful and awesome customer service."

Stacie and Robert Lehman

The three painters were polite and steady workers. I missed them when they were gone. To owner and the team, I would give my highest commendation!

Marcia Rossi

Everyone was kind, courteous, and very helpful.

Phylis Sebeny

Thank you for fixing so many of our little problems!

Eric and Sarah Jome

Fast, good quality and clean up.

Don Julien

Timely, thorough, excellent work!

Barry and Marge Weaver

Before doing the painting they made necessary repairs to the outside of the house and did an excellent job. Your salesman was especially helpful. I was very pleased with D.J's Painting. I especially liked the step to the front porch they put in at my request. The house looks great!

Dorothy Basting


Dean Hahn and Deanna Knoll

The painter was very organized. Everyone working took special care to keep everything protected and clean. Everyone was very punctual, professional, well-mannered, and caring of our feelings and home. They show a lot of personal concern for their clients.

Barbara Bohn

Quality work and a good paint crew. I am very happy! No problems!

Ronald Williams


James and Nancy Mikel

Always great work. Trustworthy.

Stephanie Walling

"The painter and office staff were very helpful."

Terri Joyce