The painter ensured that there were no imperfections on any walls.  What was found was corrected and the clean up by the painter was complete.  There was absolutely no mess of any kind. I was very pleased with the service provided.  I would use D.J.'s again and I would recommend D.J.'s to any of my friends.

Dave and Donna Timmerman

DJ's gives you a job that will be done right the first time.

Weavers Rent All

"Everyone is wonderful!"

Eric and Stephany Smith

The interior designer is on their game! The office staff was great, friendly and helpful. I gave DJ a tight schedule but each contractor and employee was very good!

Sandy Hotlen

Considering the impacts of COVID and the supply chain, the frequent status updates and truthful status statement helped us plan.

Thomas Grogg and Kathy McIntyre

I love the maintenance service. Overall, very good. Polite, professional, a keeper!

Paulette Crego

I continue to be satisfied with the painting and renovation in my condo over the last several years! Thank you!

Eric Johnson

Awesome as usual. The painter was great! Friendly, nice, courteous, professional.

Lynn and Jan Barker

Very good!

Kathy Hubbell

Good workmanship, very professional, easy to work with.

Richard and Janice Hoerber

We are very satisfied with the work.

Will and Holly Dassow

The maintenance worker stopped to help us fix our kitchen sink that started leaking. Took less than 10 minutes but saved our cabinets and new floor! Excellent overall, I appreciate that you worked to meet our budget and time frame.

Julie Davis

You helped me get what I wanted while staying on budget! The work was done faster than I anticipated. Very professional, I will not hesitate to recommend you to others!

Lora Passetti

We keep calling you so you know we're pleased with the process and result!

Roger and Mary Hunt

The project manager is awesome. Great company.

Tom McDonnell

The workers were extremely polite and helpful. Very pleasant to work with. Excellent.

Vicki Voegel

The painter kept my dog with him for 4 hours when I had to be gone. The painter continued his excellent painting and watched over my dog simultaneously. Great help to me! I'm totally impressed and always have been! I look forward to many more projects together.

Donna Redding

Excellent company.

Ajeet and Chetna Gordhan

Always great work. Trustworthy.

Stephanie Walling

We were impressed with the supervision. The painters/carpenters didn't really need it, but it eased our minds. Top notch-professional.

Merle and Grace Jackson