Chief Happiness Officer


Chief Happiness Officer

Years with the Team: 9

Fun Fact: Pro tail-chaser

Beloved Pet: Lindsay

Education / Certifications: Life Skills 1 Class

BloNo Favorite: The Neighborhood Squirrels

Always great work. Trustworthy.

Stephanie Walling

I am very meticulous and painters and office staff all listened and did what I asked. Great experience. The boss came everyday to check on their work. Thanks for the mug and pen.

Martha Arjona


Vincent Trosino

Thanks for the follow up call and your explanations.

Gwen and Mark Royalty

Very professional.

Marshall and Linda Stone

It all looks great!

Ron and Miriam Busch

Loved the results, everyone is friendly and professional.

Corinne Brand

D.J.'s is awesome! Great job as always.

Todd and Susan Smith

Thumbs up!

Jack and Lory Weekes

Very organized- I liked the phone call every afternoon.

Leroy and Diane Shouse

The owner listens to feedback and is responsive. They deliver a quality product. We would highly recommend.

Patsey and Ron Fortune

We enjoyed working with the entire staff at D.J.'s. The communication was awesome. The workmanship, promptness, and efficiency were all excellent. We love our new kitchen.

Alec and Melissa Hagan

Extremely careful to protect property, very clean during and after, courteous, friendly, helpful. Best painter in McLean County-highly recommend for any exterior or interior painting job.

John and Mary Zeunik

I believe you met my expectations as required.

Harry and Shirley Blair

A+. Two day job took one day.

Gretchen and Todd Zaitzeff

Very good experience! All the employees were friendly and helpful. The tradesmen showed knowledge and did great work.

Colin Rosendahl

"The painter is an outstanding employee. He was very confident in his work and for good reason. I believed he fixed our ceiling problem. I have always liked D.J.'s work ethic. Perfect is close enough."

Sidney and Ed Bruner

Good job-same as last time! Thanks

Charles and Helen Lamlein

Attention to detail, professional attitude, cleanliness, courteous, polite.  The painter was exceptional and I would request him again.  Excellent work and would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Debbie Custin

The work looks great! We actually sold our house four days later! They did such a great job and I loved that everything was explained every day. They were even great with my toddler who wanted to watch every day as they worked.

Josh and Amanda Hardy